Flight of the Bigot

1 Feb

Albino CrocodileIn Holland there is no such thing as discrimination based on race (that is skin color). A law suit brought forward with the aim of seeking monetary compensation for ‘race’ discrimination is a waste of time. To win a case – never mind getting compensated – takes undeniable evidence of direct discrimination. That is, the bigots have to be ignorant enough to say something insulting and explain that they mean it that way, or for them to repeat it and the victim has to be smart enough to have a willing witness (or recording device) at hand. The few times this has happened the victims may have won the case, but the little or absent monetary compensation clearly shows what a waste of time the law suit has been.

The way of the Dutch is to put the focus on the false beliefs (prejudice) they attach to status. They do not have to talk about Black people directly, instead they will use words like backwards, underprivileged, bad apples, monkeys, potential and so on. As those using these words are usually white, those spoken to are to understand that they are talking about someone not like them, thus Black. They are like little children talking in a secret code that is not at all coded. With their indirect attacks they believe they can get away with their social cruelty. Well, legally that is indeed the case. Dutch law has been a most effective tool in upholding discrimination against Black people.

Do not waste your time seeking protection from simple-minded bigots from racist lawyers and judges. The point is to take immediate action and show the bigots that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. All one has to do is push for an explanation on whom they are referring to. It is especially important to be able to give examples of white dumb, backwards, underprivileged bad apples. Most still behaving like white monkeys. Wonder out loud why whites without ‘potential’ are allowed to speak about others. Or just tell them that black pete is white.

Then stand back and watch. Stand back for there may be a stuttering fest. It is difficult for a bigot to look arrogant when the ability to speak in whole sentences has been severely weakened. The persons thinking themselves clever for a minute, will not look so clever in the next. Not that they will notice themselves, as they will be too busy rationalizing their blatant ignorance.

Image result for stuttering for dummy bookIt does not matter to them as they will still think themselves superior. That is why it is no use arguing with bigots. They need professional help that most of us cannot offer. They lack an important attribute: sanity. They are also extremely limited in their feelings. Faking empathy for sympathy. Their children follow in their sick footsteps, because of the denied hurt that comes from a lack of care from their own parents. Their parents are just too busy with creating false enemies. Some of these children will become lawyers and judges who will gladly help rationalize racism to keep themselves in fleeting power.

To confront a bigot – in a non-professional capacity – usually leads to one of two things: they fight and their bigotry gets worse, or they take flight and come up with more indirect claims to cover up the bigotry. “We do it for the children.” It is nice for the children.” Yes, it is very nice to indoctrinate children to accept one white man controlling a fleet of black petes. A bigot is best served up straight and direct, for it takes a lot of work to dig out indirect attacks. Indirect attacks take more analyzing, and that means more focus on their insanity instead of one’s own sanity under attack.



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